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Moriarty Motocross 0

This past Friday, May 20th, 2011 we headed out to the Moriarty Motocross track to check out the action.  There were approximately 40 or so bikes out that evening and we hear that is a low count for most Friday nights at the races.

It’s truly a great thing that Albuquerque has venues like this just a few miles away!

We also invite you to check out the Motorcycle section of the forums.

moriarty 34 of 43 Moriarty Motocross

Night Racing at Moriarty Track

About 30 miles east of Albuquerque you will find the Moriarty motocross track.  Separated into multiple tracks the 50cc’s and the “big bikes” can ride simultaneously.

moriarty 9 of 43 Moriarty Motocross

Moriarty Starting Gate

moriarty 13 of 43 Moriarty Motocross

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June 24-26
July 8-9
August 13-15
September 23-25

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